Gene Paleno spoke about local history as History on the Porch speaker at Gibson Museum’s Battles at the Middletown Mansion Saturday, June 25.


The 90-year-old teller of tales also introduced fans to his new book about the Civil War. Titled The Porter Conspiracy, Paleno’s latest book honors Major General Fitz John Porter for his heroism at the Second Battle of Bull Run, with little known anecdotes about other better known military figures. Porter was court martialed and imprisoned for disobedience and misconduct; some twenty years later, with the support of U.S. Grant, he was found innocent of all charges.


Paleno delighted a throng of guests at Gibson Museum’s Fireside Chat last year reading from his book, Lake County History, and appeared at Gibson’s Civil War reenactment event last May


Paleno has written an amazing number of books, mostly fiction. He currently produces a weekly column for the Record-Bee that has garnered a sizable following. The column features an “alternate reality” story, The Wish Machine, and anecdotes about his cat Cleo.