Middletown Mansion is less than one mile north of Middletown on Highway 29  (map)


Adults $12  /  Senior $10  /  Youth $5 /

At the gate $15 / $12 / $6 • Under 6 free

Group of 10 $85   Group of 5 $50

or visit your local sales outlet

(all phone numbers have 707 prefix)


   2 Women Traders - 987-3870

   Gibson Museum - 809-8009


    Mountain High Coffee Shop - 928-0461

    Country Air Realty - 263-2646

Hidden Valley Lake

    Mountain High Coffee Shop - 987-8086

Lower Lake

    Lower Lake Coffee Shop - 995-2558

    Historic Schoolhouse Museum - 995-3565


    Clearlake Chamber of Commerce - 994-3600

Clearlake Riviera

    Country Air Realty - 263-2646


     Ely Stage Stop & Country Museum - 533-9990


     Lake County Chamber of Commerce-263-5292

     Historic Courthouse Museum - 263-4555

     Country Air Realty - 263-2646

Saturday & Sunday 

Between battles, the Union and Confederate forces will be on hand to chat with you and answer your questions. You can tour their campsites and get a close-up look at their cannon, arms and equipment.

• Sutlers' stores will be open with Civil War era clothing and artifacts for sale.

• The Lake County Historical Society will have a variety of books about local history. Gene Paleno will be there with his new book on the Civil War on sale and Ann Prehn with her new novel sited in the Civil War era.

• A variety of delectable foods, soft drinks, beer and wine will be available.

• Shuttles will run between the event and Middletown.

• Guests are invited to bring folding chairs for more comfortable seating.   

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Come in costume!

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Your tickets will be held at the gate, or you may pick them up at Gibson Museum between noon and 4 pm Thurs., Fri., and Sat. 

    Entertaining the 200-300 people invited to offer their authentically recreated Civil War battles seemed like a good idea.

    The sponsors — Friends of Gibson Museum, Twin Pine Casino & Hotel, The Geysers Calpine, Hardester’s Markets, WestAmerican Bank and the Mansion itself — commissioned a Contra Dance on the Mansion Grounds for Saturday evening from 7 to 9:30.

    Celia Ramsay, one of the most popular Contra callers in northern California, will front the Cobb Stompers Mountain Stringband.

    Contra dancing may be “as old as the hills.” Forerunner of square dances, line dances and barn dances, it was first formalized from country dances in Britain in the 1600s.

    The secret to enjoying Contra is simply to relax enough to let your body feel the rhythm and then move.

    A dance typically starts with two lines of participants facing each other. In response to the caller’s instructions the dancers pair off and follow her directions, perhaps forward, back, left, right, twirl … the caller’s creativity and alertness to her audience determines the moves.

    Beginners are coddled by the caller and by seasoned dancers, all eager to help everyone enjoy this healthy, easy recreation.

    Partnering morphs with differing dances as part of the process; it’s a great way to meet new friends — that you may forget tomorrow or stay in touch with for a lifetime. Contra is especially family-friendly.

    The dance is open to the public. There is no charge, but a $5 donation is requested to compensate musicians. Organizers have also noted that anyone who offers to hang around a bit after the dance to help clean up will be truly appreciated.

Contra Dance Sat Eve

Saturday JUNE 24
Gates open 10 am 
10:30-11  My Divas period songs 
10:45 am  Gettysburg Address

                  by a freed slave 
11 am       Barbara White
                  dressing a lady in 1860 
Noon         History on the Porch 
1 pm         
2 pm         Barbara White
                  dressing a lady in 1860 
2-4 pm     David Neft piano
3 pm         History on the Porch
4 pm         
7-9:30      Contra Dance
                  Celia Ramsay and the 
                  Cobb Stompers 

                         $5 donation requested

Sunday JUNE 25
Gates open 9 am 
9:30-11    My Divas period songs 
11 am      
Noon        Barbara White
                 dressing a lady in 1860
12-2 pm   Don Coffin guitar &
                 Andi Skelton fiddle
1:45 pm   Gettysburg Address

                 by a freed slave 
2 pm        

                  EVENT ENDS 3 PM

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Civil War Gun Display

The craftmenship of Civil War era guns is on display until July 1 at Gibson Museum. Noon to 4 pm Thurs., Fri., & Sat. Or call 809-8009.


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