Peeking into a


Barbara White

got hooked on the styles of the 1860s when she first attended a Civil War reenactment in Nevada 30 years ago or so.


She became fascinated by the morals and manners of the era and the challenges pioneer women had to face, and master —

even to making their own clothing

and putting on all those layers.

She started collecting dresses, and doing dressing demonstrations, shortly after.

Her performances have pleased crowds in various Lake County venues for many years. We’ve learned from her that two-piece dressing, skirts and blouses, started during the Civil War.

In real life, Barbara is

Zone Archeologist for

Mendocino National Forest,

and is actively involved with Native American history and lore in that area, as well as the well-being of contemporary tribes.


She also follows the issues involving women’s rights, traditional medicines, and a number of other matters of personal interest.

To book demonstrations, write to her at

At Middletown Mansion 2016,

with helper

Linda Lake

Fully dressed after a performance at Ely Stage Stop & Country Museum