Ann Prehn

Excerpts from a review of The Bohemian and the Abolitionist by Lacy Lackey.  The book is not yet published but is expected to go on sale soon.


 . . .    I thought I knew a lot about the Civil War, but almost everything she had to say was a revelation.
  . . .     First, who knew that in 1859 there were already self-styled bohemians” in Greenwich Village, New York?
  . . .    The second revelation was that communism, and the fear of it, was already playing a major role. Abolitionists wanted slavery to be addressed
along with factory worker conditions as part of a new workers’ union movement. 
  . . .    The third revelation was the vastness of the conspiracy/complicity surrounding John Brown, and his importance throughout the war. 
 . . .
     And lastly, the revelation that the actor, John Wilkes Booth, was a far different character than I’ve previously been led to believe.
Ann Prehn appeared as part of History on the Porch during the Civil War reenactments at the Middletown Mansion Sunday, June 25,