JULY 8 - Sat. 3 pm

The Fun




“Raconteur” is a word not frequently heard these days, but it certainly applies to Terry Knight.


The facility for telling a story in a skillful and entertaining way has brought rave reviews of Knight’s talks at assorted venues throughout Lake County — not to mention a strong following for his decades of columns about outdoor life in Lake County in the Record-Bee.


Gibson Museum welcomes Terry Knight as its Fireside Chat speaker Saturday, July 8, at 3 pm.


Knight has garnered a sizable following, both for his column and for his frequent appearances as a speaker. Literally born in a log cabin, in Minnesota, he has a lifelong interest in nature in all its manifestations. His writings about the marvels of nature have appeared not only in the local newspaper, but in Outdoor Life, Sports Afield, Western Outdoor News, Fishing and Hunting News, Wilderness Unlimited and other publications

He spent 28 years working with FEMA (the Federal Emergency Management Agency) that included wide-ranging travel in the U.S. and abroad. All of that served to hone his considerable curiosity, about everything. 

Knight’s interests range far beyond wildlife, hunting, fishing and the great outdoors. Since moving here in 1968, his unrelenting curiosity has led to an intriguing collection of local history.

Enjoy local history at a 

the second Saturday of every month

(except December when we join the

Christmas in Middletown festivities)

3 to 5 pm at Gibson Museum

21267 Calistoga Road (Highway 29,

across from Community Center & the Park

Expect stories about the lake itself, now recognized as the oldest in North America and perhaps of even more exceptional antiquity. Hear little-known facts about the mountains that county. Among the most provocative, Knight had a ringside seat in all the investigations of the mysterious “caves” inside Mt. Konocti that were making headlines a decade or so ago.


Chats begin promptly at 3 pm, at Gibson Museum — opposite the library and senior center in Middletown Square on Highway 29, locally known as Calistoga Road. Questions will be welcomed after Knight’s initial presentation.


There is no charge, although donations are welcomed to help fund Gibson Museum’s continuing operation and its displays of local history.


Further information at friendsofgibson.com, or call the museum (707-809-8009) during its operating hours: Thursday, Friday and Saturday afternoons from noon to 4 pm.